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Respectful Conversations FOUNDATIONS for TEAMS and Organisations

As a leader, have you considered the role that respect plays in shaping your workplace culture?

Respect isn’t just about workplace behaviour training that creates awareness about bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Respect isn’t just about following policies and procedures to process disrespectful behaviour and meet compliance standards.

Respect is proactively demonstrating you care about your team members’ mental health and well-being by creating a healthy environment where everyone feels safe, supported, included and empowered to do their best work.
By prioritising respect, you’re sending a message that you value your team.
People want to stay with an organisation that values them.

Does maintaining a RESPECTFUL WORKPLACE CULTURE seem an impossible task?

In a complex and rapidly changing environment, improving respect at work to shift organisational culture is a key workforce imperative.
It maintains and sustains a healthy culture while increasing productivity and performance.
It creates a climate of respectful relationships and inclusive behaviours, while building psychological safety and trust.
More than that, it’s essential for the mental wellbeing of your team.
When your team isn’t aligned, managing acts of disrespect is stressful, costly and time consuming.

Disrespectful workplace behaviour contributes to:

  • Team members leaving because they don’t feel seen, heard, understood, supported, valued and appreciated
  • Team friction caused by ineffective communication from uncaring leaders and managers, so team members don’t feel safe speaking up
  • Team members’ wellbeing being impacted by psychologically harmful behaviours
  • A lack of productivity caused by a lack of empathy, fixed mindsets and organisational silos
  • An increase in psychosocial risks and hazards.
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The best enabler of a more positive, inclusive workplace environment is a respectful workplace culture in which everyone feels respected, and they show respect for others:


Increased connection at an emotional level so team members feel safe and are more comfortable having open, honest and meaningful conversations.


Improved team performance through greater alignment, increased productivity and outcomes using proactive language tools and growth mindsets


Higher levels of trust through increased transparency, flourishing relationships, shared understanding, mutual success and shared responsibility


Increased retention through team members feeling their efforts are appreciated, knowing their contributions are valued, and experiencing a sense of pride and job satisfaction


Greater psychological safety by fostering inclusion and belonging, eliminating harmful behaviours and Creating WE through intentional conversational activity

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The NEW Model of RESPECT

‘Respect is an active process of nonjudgmentally engaging people from diverse backgrounds with the intent to create a positive work environment.’

‘Respect is an active process of nonjudgmentally engaging people from diverse backgrounds with the intent to create a positive work environment.’

Everyday Respect is built moment by moment through RESPECTFUL CONVERSATIONS  steeped in the NEW Model of RESPECT:

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