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Founder of UPShift Solutions Maree Wrack has over 30 years’ experience providing consulting, training, facilitation, coaching and mentoring for hundreds of private and public-sector organisations at local, national and multi-national levels.

She has worked with established corporations and organisations that share a high people focus including Telstra, Origin Energy and Bunnings.

Having designed, produced and implemented quality conversation and coaching models for building relationships and results between hello and goodbye, she has performance coached teams to win national titles at Australian Industry Awards.

Maree has a deep understanding of the importance of human connection, building respect, trust, psychological safety and performance through data driven, neuroscience-based solutions.                     


Trust, connection and belonging are at the heart of what we believe a Respectful Workplace should represent. Respect is integral to every part of a successful organisation.

We are dedicated to reducing the impact of disrespect for our clients by ensuring they have the tools and practices to build connected communities, aligned WE-Centric Workplaces and scalable cultures of respect.

That’s why UPShift stands for shifting to a higher level of greatness.
We take proactive steps to build respectful workplaces by getting to the root causes of disrespect and implementing sustainable change.

Our vision is to be recognised as a world leader in establishing Respectful Workplace Cultures.

We shape workplace environments with neuroscience-based solutions, steeped in respectful conversations that create shifts in the brain’s ability to change, grow and innovate with others.

We have five value pillars that underpin our actions:

    • Co-Creation – we partner with you and your team in a climate of mutual respect
    • Adaptability – we consistently adjust to new conditions in a rapidly changing environment
    • Trust – we embody Transparency, Relationship, Understanding, Shared success and Truth-telling
    • Accountability – we support you to hold yourself and your team accountable for generating your respectful workplace culture.
    • Opportunity Focused – we are always open to influence and listen non-judgmentally to connect with respect at all times.
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