GQ – What is Game Intelligence?

What is Game Intelligence

One common question I get is about the unique methodology UPShift Solutions uses.
It integrates a blend of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Thinking Intelligence (TQ), Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) and Game Intelligence (GQ).

Sometimes the next question is: “What is Game Intelligence?”
Tennis champion, Martina Hingis is a perfect example of currently being at the top level of Game Intelligence (GQ). After a break of seven years, she returned to playing Women’s Doubles in 2014. With new Doubles partner Sania Mirza, they won two Grand Slam Women’s titles in 2015, (Wimbledon and the US Open), and their third Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in January 2016.
When interviewed recently Hingis said, “It feels like, not that I’m 25 again, but it’s a new comeback. I’m definitely mentally refreshed, and this is where you have to be when you do sports or play tennis. I’m hungry and I’m fresh and I feel like I still have (what it takes), and that’s why I tried to come back. And now, with Sania, it’s clicked.”

That is an example of playing at Level 5 of the Game Intelligence (GQ) model; with a game focus of ‘expansion’ in the domain of ‘excitement’.

What level are you and your team participating in the game?

There is a level at which you’re playing any game and the degree to which you’re participating in the game can be referred to as your Game Quotient (GQ). It measures your current level of success and how personally fulfilled you are by playing that game.
In the diagram below: ‘Your Game Intelligence (GQ) model’, you will find a description and examples for each level as follows:

Game Intelligance

Reinvention, Resistance and Generating

On the left hand side of the model you will see the word ‘Reinvention’. You do have access to reinventing yourself/your team at any level of the game.
On the right hand side of the model you will see the words ‘Resisting’ and ‘Generating’.
‘Resisting’ is what happens when we don’t allow the game to flow. It may be that we aren’t in alignment with the game we’ve chosen, or we allow circumstances to get in the way to thwart the flow. This means the game doesn’t happen freely. This type of reaction is known as being driven by ‘below the line’ actions, or we may be operating from a lower level of Conversational Intelligence®. This means it is time to lift the game of quality conversations to a higher level.

‘Generating’ is when we shift out of reacting to circumstances and move into playing the game with resonance, energy and vitality. This is called being proactive and is known as participating with ‘above the line’ actions.  Our experience would be one of exchanging positive energy with each other. This is known in the Conversational Intelligence® Matrix as having Level III conversations.

The following descriptions will assist you in understanding each level of the GQ model:

Game Level 1: 0-10% Expired -> Completion

At this stage of the game you’re ‘over it’. The game has expired and it’s completely void of inspiration.
Because there may be strong resistance to do anything about it, you may dig your heels in, and do the opposite of what you know you should be doing.
You may be prolonging the status quo by keeping busy, pretending it’s all OK. This is all to avoid facing what you know you need to do. You may be emotionally disengaged from the game. This can be reinforced through sabotage behaviours, doing the exact opposite of what you know to do.
In this stage you are avoiding playing the game and you may have the most magnificent reasons and excuses about why it’s not working for you.

At Level 1 in the game, the lights are still on, but you’re immobilised. You may have been comprising yourself for a long time. It may have been many years since you’ve been true to yourself and pursued your own dreams and desires.

To move out of this stuck state, completion is required. That means having the necessary conversations with the appropriate people to remove what’s nailing your foot to the floor. It may mean engaging a professional coach, or specialist practitioner to uncover the unconscious beliefs holding you back, or implementing an accountability structure to support you moving forward to a new game.

Game Level 2:10-20% Decline -> Clarity

At this stage of the game you are in decline. What you once believed was an inspiring future, has turned into a game that is flailing and without direction.
Unless you get back on track, the most likely future is the game ending up on ‘life support’. If this stage isn’t interrupted, entropy (a dispersion into nothingness) will occur.
At this level in the game you are in the sphere of resistance.
You may have started with great intentions and then got stopped. More time has passed since then and you haven’t got back to it.
You started getting busy; it got too hard and you go back to the same old routine without any progress.

Your job may occur like a treadmill. You’re mechanically going through the motions putting one foot in front of the other; while resisting doing anything about the situation.

You may be trying to implement a project and it isn’t working. You may be confused, resigned and overwhelmed with trying to get it all together and you’re not seeking any support from others.

To move out of this state, clarity is required. It means getting clear about why you started playing that game in the first place. You have just lost sight of the vision that you had for your future. You set out on a path in good faith and enthusiasm has waned. Now is the time to upshift your thinking, get an accountability structure which provides coaching/mentoring support and recreate the game into something that lights you up. This is also the time for implementing some mission critical actions to set you on the path to personal fulfilment and success.

Game Level 3: 20-40% Maintenance -> Rejuvenation

At this stage of the game you’re in maintenance mode. You may have already accomplished what you set out to do in the game; you’ve reached a certain level of success and now you’ve reached a plateau.
You may notice everything has been set up how you wanted it to be, and you’ve ticked most of the boxes … but you’re not creating anything new.
There is a danger in the maintenance phase to cruise along in your comfort zone without interrupting the status quo. This isn’t wrong, but eventually without a new direction, the game can begin a downward trend. Without any interruption, you will start gradually drifting into decline. As you’re sitting at the mid-point of the GQ model, you are also sitting at the merge point of the two spheres; resisting and generating.

The work systems that have been set up may be running efficiently. At this level you show up at work every day knowing you can do the work with unconscious competence and it’s a doddle! You also secretly know you’re capable of doing and being more. You’re cruising.
Doing the same thing over and over, is a case of treading carefully and being conservative.

Reaching a certain level of operating is fine as it turns things into a predictable affair day-in, day-out and does provide a form of certainty. The danger is operating at the same level of willing compliance over an extended period of time, with nothing else setting your heart on fire. It ends up being just more of the same.

To move out of this state, rejuvenation is required. It means moving beyond the monotony of repetitiveness. It’s about lifting yourself out of the status quo and being open to new possibilities and opportunities to revitalise yourself. To put new life and heart into your game; it’s time to inject some enthusiasm. Add some zest by putting the zing back in your ‘zang’ with some over-and-above project that wasn’t going to happen!

Game Level 4: 40-60% Growth -> Creativity   

At this stage of the game you’re in growth mode. You may have already reached a level of accomplishment you intended to achieve and you’ve chosen to take it to the next level.

Life is a game of continuous improvement, and now it’s time to add something creative to the mix.

You set a stretch goal to get beyond your present operating level. It may just be the opportunity that provides a new pathway.
You’re in the sphere for generating, which means you’re producing energy and you may even be adding some sparks of inspiration to the game.
You’re designing and building something extra. You’re starting to plan an ‘over and above’ game.

To move beyond this state, creativity is required. To take on elevating yourself to the next level of growth, it means experiencing renewal through creative ideas. You look forward to and enjoy every new day. You may start to uncover the seeds of your highest aspiration and feel connected to something higher than yourself. Something that is beyond success or achievement. Developing your creativity will support you to create capacity in all area to ascend to Level 5.

Game Level 5: 60-80% Expansion -> Excitement           

At this stage of the game you’re in expansion mode. You start each day at the level of ‘great’ and look for the opportunity of every moment. Alignment is present in all areas and you experience the joy of living life fully. Your compelling future is pulling you forward and anything is possible!

You know you’re on track as you experience every day as an energetic adventure with a sustained connection to all things. It feels like you’re following a path and you’re in tune with the universe … the universe is on your side, and you let it inform every aspect of your life.  You notice and experience living in flow.

You gain momentum through contributing your gifts … using your talent, knowledge and skills, wisdom and experience.
You are living life in a state of excitement. This is it.
It’s your time and the time is now. This is what it is to be playing the game at the top level of Game intelligence.

How can we raise our level of participation in the game?

When I work with organisations, one of the first things we do is establish your level of participation in the game through a range of cultural assessments.

That enables us to define the gap between your current reality and your desired results. In the gap is the degree of resistance, and the opportunity for reinvention and lifting the level of participation.
Feel free to reach out and see what can be done to get your team to the next level.

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