EQ Series – Pursuing your noble purpose

Pursuing your noble purpose

When we connect to our noble purpose, it’s like the lighthouse that activates the whole arena of EQ.

Just as our personal priorities shape our daily choices, our noble purpose shapes our long term choices. It gives us a sense of direction; a north star to calibrate our compass, and it helps us align our thinking, feeling and acting to maintain integrity.

A noble purpose motivates us to be our best

With our noble purpose, the commitment to EQ gains relevance and power.

Nelson Mandela was a perfect example of this. He spent 27 years imprisoned on Robben Island. While he endured this long period of persecution, he didn’t let his feelings of fear and anger override his deep and noble purpose of creating a free and just nation.

He transformed his feelings into personal power based on influence and leadership.

Pursuing a noble purpose is a tool for emotional self-mastery. It motivates us to do and be our best and strengthens our power to influence and inspire others. 

The two parts to our noble purpose

The two main parts to this EQ competency are:

  1. Pursue’, which means to put into action more and more. Sometimes people have a purpose but don’t know how to pursue it.
  1. Noble purpose’, is not something we do. It is the reason ‘why’ we do. It is something to ‘be’ and it is for the benefit of others, that goes beyond our lifetime. It encompasses all dimensions of our life. By serving our noble purpose in one domain of our life (eg work) it supports all others (eg family). It aligns with our values and motivates and inspires us at a deep level. It helps us find our energy when the going gets tough. 

A noble purpose is how we show up in the world. It is the difference between doing and being.

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Image: Richard Leonard
Source: sixseconds

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