EQ Series – Is Emotional Intelligence the Secret Sauce of Quality Conversations?

EQ Series

When Daniel Goleman popularised Emotional Intelligence by releasing his bestselling book, ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in 1995, it became an international phenomenon, appearing on the New York Times bestseller list for over a year and selling more than 5 million copies worldwide.

Daniel Goleman’s definition of Emotional Intelligence is:  “to recognise, understand and manage our emotions … and recognise, understand, and influence the emotions of others.”

With the growing global awareness of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), people began to get in touch with a whole other world of competencies lying beneath the surface of every human being … competencies that are unable to be seen through the limits of our highly visible IQ.

Research sources indicate that:

  • IQ (Intelligence Quotient) accounts for 15-20 per cent of our success in life
  • EQ (Emotional Quotient) accounts for 80–85 per cent of our success in life.

In a recent ABC 7:30 Report interview, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shared: “Emotional Intelligence is probably the most important asset  for – certainly – for anyone in my line of work.”

Can Emotional Intelligence be measured?

A common misperception still exists that Emotional Intelligence is just ‘soft and fluffy stuff’. To the contrary, emotions lie at the root of existence of all people, and it’s people who drive performance.

Emotional Intelligence competencies such as enhanced emotional literacy, being able to recognise patterns, being able to apply emotional costs and benefits thinking to any decision (as well as tactical thinking), being able to successfully navigate emotions, engage intrinsic motivation, be optimistic as a response to challenge and opportunity, increase our empathy, and put our purpose into action … these are all measurable and support us to self-regulate and manage ourselves.

So is EQ really the Secret Sauce to Quality Conversations?

Building the muscle in each of the EQ competencies above will certainly provide a foundation on which we can build our success in different aspects of life. Aspects such as our relationships, our effectiveness, our wellbeing and our quality of life.

They will support us in refining our mindset so that we can bring a new toolkit of emotional competencies to the game of business and life.
In short they can impact the quality of what we’re bringing to our performance.

In terms of being the Secret Sauce to Quality Conversations … we can build on the self-regulation that being EQ competent provides and it can support us in influencing the emotions of others.

EQ is about self -regulation. With Quality Conversations, we move from self-regulation to co-regulation by utilising a different set of conversational competencies. Being able to generate transformational conversations with others is where the real Secret Sauce lies.

More about that in future posts, following on from this EQ series for building competence in Emotional Intelligence to enhance performance.

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