C-IQ – What is Conversational Intelligence®?

C-IQ – What is Conversational Intelligence™
C-IQ has the game changing power to strengthen relationships, transform teams, and shape the future of organisations.

My journey and Conversational Intelligence®

Working with leaders and teams, developing their conversations and implementing quality coaching models for the past 25 years, I’ve deconstructed thousands upon thousands of conversations, and coached teams to high performance. Some of those teams have gone on to win industry awards in their field.

The essence of my work is enabling people to build relationships and results between hello and goodbye by having quality conversations; so when I read Judith E. Glaser’s book, released in 2013: ‘Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results’, it was the catalyst for commencing my Conversational Intelligence® journey.

Because Conversational Intelligence®  has the game changing power to strengthen relationships, transform teams and shape the future of organisations, I’ve immersed myself in Judith’s work ever since.
Now I’m delighted to be part of a ‘Dream Team’ of coaches, who Judith is sharing her life’s work with.  Along with a few other select coaches, I’ve been invited to be a researcher in the ‘Neuroscience of WE’ as well as taking Conversational Intelligence® to the world.

What I’ve learned about Conversational Intelligence®

Without healthy conversations we shrivel up and die – that is what we are now learning from the world of neuroscience. Conversations are a source of energy that is vital to our individual health and productivity as well as our company culture. When we develop the conversational skills of Conversational Intelligence® and know how to create and exchange positive energy with others … this is what propels individuals, teams and organisations toward success.

Conversational Intelligence

Conversations are no longer just about words and information … they are multi-dimensional. The key to building mastery in conversational agility with what we now know; is being able to self-regulate our neurochemistry and our emotions, and co-regulate our interaction and language with others. What that means in simple terms is, we can learn both a new set of skills and a complementary mindset that enable us to have extraordinary, transformational conversations with others.

Advances in neuroscience are now giving us the tools to look inside our brains while we’re having conversations to reveal what is going on and why. When applying the ‘Neuroscience of WE’ to any key business challenge, leaders and teams can now elevate levels of engagement, collaboration and innovation, and significantly impact the bottom line.

“A current client using the skills of Conversational Intelligence® to shift their culture, (moving from a fear based culture to a high performance trust based culture) experienced a 15 per cent increase in their sales results within 60 days.”

How Conversational Intelligence® can impact your relationships and results

  1. Increasing trust and connection – our conversations are either creating trust or triggering distrust. They leave us feeling good or feeling bad. We either connect, bond, grow, and build partnerships with others through language and conversations, or we feel threatened and disengage, protecting ourselves from harm by withdrawing to stay safe. Some of us may prefer to sit on the fence; holding ourselves back by choosing to ‘wait and see’. Conversational Intelligence® gives you the tools to move from distrustful, unproductive exchanges to being able to elevate the quality of your conversations in the moment for high trust and connection.
  2. Creating positive energy – A higher level of Conversational Intelligence® is the key to greater success in life and business. It’s not just about how smart we are, but how open we are to learning new and effective powerful conversational rituals that help us get in front of the curve and prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success. These are conversations that reduce resistance and anxiety and create positive energy.
  3. Building resilience – Conversational Intelligence® is learnable. You can learn how to gauge your impact and shift your influence positively. It is a competence that can be cultivated and it’s necessary to build healthier, more resilient organisations in the face of change.
  4. Strengthening culture and business resultsChange is for everyone

Conversational Intelligence® helps us understand how our brain works (neuroscience) and how to apply cutting edge, easy-to-use tools, conversational rituals, and practices one-to-one, in groups and teams, in a business unit, or throughout our organisation in all situations … strengthening the culture and achieving greater business results.

Working with the Global Conversational Intelligence® ‘Dream Team’

I’m excited to be part of the Global Conversational Intelligence® ‘Dream Team’ of coaches, researching the ‘Neuroscience of WE’ and helping take this work to the world. I am honoured to have Judith Glaser as my personal mentor and coach.
I work with Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) as follows:

  • Consulting with organisational leaders and teams to shift their cultural conversations, elevate their C-IQ and transform performance.
  • Facilitating workshops and coaching programs for leaders and teams to integrate C-IQ into their performance development
  • Speaking at events to large and small groups about C-IQ
  • Coaching clients to help them transform their relationships, partnerships, teams, and their organisation through integrating C-IQ tools, practices and rituals.

This is a very exciting time in our lives as we discover more about neuroscience and the impact it has on our conversations. I am a continuous student of C-IQ and embody the principles in my life and work.

You will find two short videos below which provide a definition of C-IQ and a brief introduction:

Introducing Conversational Intelligence® – 2.35 min. video

The Definition of Conversational Intelligence® – 2.39 min. video

If you’re curious about knowing more, you’re welcome to contact me for a chat  HERE

Image: Valery Kenski
Source: Conversational Intelligence:
How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results – Judith E. Glaser

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